Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Feast For The Senses.... (Or So They Say)

As part of my floristry course, I have to create a dress for Floriade made out flowers. Yes, a whole dress made out of flowers/plant material, on display for the whole of Canberra to see. And they don't only get to see it for a day - they get to look upon its "beauty" for a whole week. :) But wait that's not all, not only do they get to look upon it for a week, they also get to watch me make it. I've been warned that the public will call out to you, ask you questions, give you suggestions etc, so it's good to take an ipod. :)

In case, you haven't worked it out from the previous paragraph, I'm well and truly scared (scared seems like a BIG understatement!!) about the whole thing. I would like not to be involved at all, but that is not an option. If I don't take part in this, I'll fail my whole floristry course. So, I have to give it a go!!

I'm not the most imaginative person. I can do a bowl of flowers, I can do a box of flowers, but a dress of flowers is a whole different thing!! I've been brainstorming with the others just to get some ideas. I'm allowed advice - I just have to put the thing together myself. The theme is "A Feast For The Senses". So if you have any brilliant ideas, send them in! I'd LOVE to hear them.

This dress below (one of the ones made last year) is called "We're all mad here" - my sentiments exactly!!

This one came third place last year - "Fire Breathing Dragon" was its title.

This one is my favourite ("The Lady & The Unicorn) from last year - it didn't even get a prize!! :(

And this one came first in 2009 - "The Lemon Detox Diet"

Would this scare you or fill you with inspiration? If the latter, let's swap names in September. :)

All images came from the Floriade Facebook Page.


  1. Oh Caitlin, what have you let yourself in for? Those dresses look awesome in a daunting kind of way. Better you than me. Sorry, but I wouldn't even know where to begin! Not much help there, but I'm sure you will do brilliantly if your other work is anything to go by. Have a great day, Helen P.

  2. Oh Caitlin! I feel so nervous for you!

    You will do a wonderful job though - I know it.

    Suggestion... if the theme is Feast for the Senses, perhaps using flowers, etc from edible plants...?