Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

One of the very great advantages to participating in this floristry course is that fact that I am able to create things with flowers two days out of every seven!

Last week Mum asked me to make an arrangement for a friend of hers. I used three different colours of roses, some baby's breath, and leather fern. I was pretty happy with the result. I think the combination of pink and orange roses really brought out the arrangement.

This is what I made in floristry class last week. The type of arrangement is called a sheaf. It is generally used for funerals and for presentations. It was quite an easy arrangement to put together. I was reasonably happy with how it turned out too though it is a bit difficult to take photos of inside cellophane.

Next week for floristry class, I have to take a trip to the Sydney markets and some suppliers. That should be a good learning experience, and I LOVE those flower markets. The highlight of the trip though will be visiting some very dear friends!

And if it wasn't enough just to be arranging flowers, I've also been sewing flowers. Appliqueing flowers onto 13 squares for a quilt I'm making. No photos yet - I'll share them some other time.


  1. Lovely work Caitlin. The three colours in the rose arrangement really work well. Enjoy the markets and especially enjoy your visit with the Macs. Love from Helen P.

  2. I love that first arrangement, and (who would have thought!) it even levitates in mid-air! Where can I do this floristry course? Never mind levitating flowers, just think what I could do with my kids!

  3. Beautiful! I know who to call when I need flower arrangements. :)
    Well done, Caitlin!