Monday, January 24, 2011

Audience Participation Please!!

Mr Montague would like to find a new home. And he wants to look the best that he possibly can, so someone will buy him. But he (and I) can't decide which photo should be his main photo. Can you help??

Should it be:

The winning smile?

                                                                       The relaxed pose?

                                             His bright shorts? (I'm not serious about that one)

The side-on profile?

The full body shot?

Which photo would make you buy him? I'm using the side-on profile at the moment but just not sure. Help me, if you can!


  1. For me personally, it would have to be the last one {the full body shot} that would make me buy him. Mainly because it gives me a good idea of what the whole toy looks like :)

  2. Definitely the relaxed pose! You can see his grin but also most of his body. I like it!

  3. I like the full body shot! Such a cute monkey :)

  4. The full body shot for me :)

  5. I like the last one. He looks very cool and suave I think.

  6. PS you know that Fat Cat was banned from TV because he only wore shorts. I think that is worth some consideration. I might report you.

  7. All of them!!!! He is adorable.