Thursday, June 20, 2013

Operation World

"Of India's 400 million children under 15 years old, possibly up to 35 million are orphans. Eleven million are abandoned (90%) girls; three million live on the street. There are 20 million child labourers (including many instances of bond slavery to pay family debts) - some estimates claim 50 million. Up to two-thirds of children suffer physical abuse, and one-half some kind of sexual harassment or abuse. Over 1.2 million are involved in prostitution; many of them are Nepali or Bangladeshi."
Operation World 
I read this in Operation World today and it just blew my mind. 35 million orphans, 20 million child labourers, 1.2 million child prostitutes..... That's just staggering!!
My two Compassion children live in India, and I am so so grateful that I've been blessed so abundantly by God that I can in a small way bless these two children  so they don't have to be part of those statistics. I love these children so much and to think there are so many just like them still in these awful conditions.... I hope to visit Gokul and Sangita next year, and I know that what I'll see will provoke and challenge me in a way that I can't comprehend.
So would you please take a moment to pray for the 400 million kids in India. Pray that all those that are orphans, abandoned, labourers, prostitutes, living on the street - that there may be people ready and willing  to step up and intervene in these children's lives. To make a difference to even  just one of them because it will make a world of difference to that one child!
Our God can do amazing things so lets ask Him to!! 

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