Monday, December 13, 2010

100 joys - Part 3

Part 3 I've decided is all about people - I could go on forever here, but I've had to make a stop somewhere. (EDIT: I really did go on, and I didn't even get through all the people I thought of so don't feel obliged to see it through to the end.) No rhyme or reason to the order!

11 - My wonderful family as we face all our challenges and all our fun together!

12 - Two little people and all the laughs we would miss out on if they weren't around!

13 - Grace for her faithful correspondence and her godly friendship over so many years. And Abbie too as we can enjoy spending time together and have lots of good discussions.  

14. The Mc.L's and the friendship we can still enjoy even if it is afar off.

15. Our Bible study group and the robust discussions we often have. :)

16. Danielle and the lovely example she is. Even though the times we see each other are few and far between, we make the most of them when they come around!

17 - Morgan (and all the other H. girls too) what lovely, encouraging, fun-loving friends you are! May it continue for years to come!

18- Lachlan & Angus even though we sometime rub each other up the wrong way, I would never ever ever want anyone else to be my brothers!!! William & Sebastian too - I love you! Sean - the best brother-in-law in the world - what a sensible, thoughtful, caring man you are!

19 - All my sisters - the big, the middle-sized, and the little. I love each one of you. What fun it has been growing up with 8 sisters. Cassandra, Bethany, & Tegan - you are truly my best friends. Emily & Victoria - as you make the change from middle-sized girls to big girls :) always remember that even though I'm not the most patient sister, I do really appreciate you and the help you are. Olivia, Erin & Annaliese - I'm sure there aren't any little sisters that are as cute as you are. 

(NB. We obivously need to take a "sister" photo. I could only find some from ages ago.)

20. Last but definitely not least, Dad & Mum. I really, really mean this when I say it that I couldn't ask for better parents - you have been kind, patient, ready to listen, and most of all godly! Thanks so much!

(All photos taken by my sister or Grace & Abbie T. Credit goes to them.)


  1. Thank YOU Caitlin, for Your friendship - it is a
    blessing to us all!
    Love Grace & Abbie

  2. Hi Caitlin,
    I've really enjoyed reading your 'joys' and look forward to seeing more!

  3. caitlin - i love these! joys of friends and family are the best, i think. thank you so much for participating. =)