Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Passion For Fashion 2011 -Done And Dusted!

Saturday came and went! I suppose that was only to be expected! :) I don't really know how to describe the day. It was hard work, kind of fun, but not something I could necessarily see myself doing again anytime too soon.

We had to be at Floriade at 7:00 when we could start assembling the undergarments on our mannequins. (These would protect the mannequins so we had to make sure they were well done.) At 8:00 we could start preparing our botanical materials. Then at 9:00 we could actually put our flowers leaves etc on our mannequins. There were a few hiccups such as I used a lot more gerberas than I had originally thought I would need. Then my flax (the long leaves) tore, and that's when things started turning stressful! :) So I popped my ipod in my ears, turned it on, and chilled out to Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, and Tenth Avenue North.

 Once I had completed the skirt, the hard part was over. I put my leaves on the bodice, added all the little extras, and I was finished.

The finished product looks great in photos, but if you came up nice and close to the actual mannequin, you could see problems such as the undergarment poking through. If I did try again, there would be things I would do differently, but I'm not sure I'm interested in that pleasure. 1:00 came, and I was finished with half an hour to spare.

Mum, Bethany, and Tegan were there, and we all went and had lunch at APK. (Australian Pizza Kitchen) That was a delicious way to relax after what was quite an effort. 

At 4:00 the judging was over, and we could all come back into the marquee to hear the announcement of the winners.

This one came first place - and it deserved it. It was far and above better than everyone else's. Well done, Lauren!!!

The next two dresses tied for second

And the next two received encouragement awards.

It feels weird now that it's over. The event that the teachers have been banging into our heads all year is over, and what happens now? :) Only one term left, and then I'm a fully qualified junior florist!

A massive thanks to those who encouraged and supported me the whole way through. To my family (and all these photos are courtesy of Bethany). To Liz (the extremely generous lady that I do work experience for) and to Mum, Bethany, Tegan, Sean & Cassandra, Ross & Jen, Dave & Jane, Steve & Belinda, Alex & Katherine, Beth, and Janene who were all there to cheer me on on the day!


  1. Well done, Caitlin! It looks beautiful!

  2. Wow! You did a great job Caitlin! I'm sure its a relief to have it done. :-) And exciting to think you're nearly finished and qualified!

  3. It looks fantastic Caitlin!! Well done!
    Love Rebecca P