Saturday, August 7, 2010

Which One Would You Choose?

I purchased a new pattern recently. Once I had made one item from it, I just couldn't stop. :) For starters the skirts are long, modest skirts - always a winner!, and the dresses are long too and with a t-shirt or a skivvy underneath, they're good too, especially as they can be worn in both summer and winter! I can make up to size 8, but the largest I have made so far is 4. Anyway,  as you will see below I've made quite a few, and I'm wondering which one is your favourite! My favourite is the black skirt, and someone must have agreed with me as they bought it! :)

Black and white skirt - Size 2

Maroon skirts - Size 2

These last ones I made for one of my nieces and one of my sisters. They love them! And they look so cute matching too!


  1. I don't have a fav Caitlin-love them all :)

  2. My favourite is the black and white one :)

  3. I really like most of these skirts Caitlin, what a great job you have done. I have never had a flair for being a seamstress.xox Ma

  4. Ohhh and i forgot the two little models at the end....i really love them...xox Ma