Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holiday Projects

My holidays from my floristry course have come and gone. I didn't accomplish all the sewing I wanted to, but I did have fun in lots of other ways. The sewing I did do over the holidays amounted to making two skirts for myself (which are extraordinarily comfortable, by the way) and finishing off Tegan's quilt/doona cover.

I have been slowly working my way through making a quilt for each of the family. Dad & Mum have one, Cassandra has one, and Bethany has one, so Tegan was next in line. She found a pattern that she liked, and it turned out it was a doona cover pattern not a quilt. Tegan preferred that, and it made it cheaper for me as it meant no wadding, so off I started!

It was quite an easy pattern - my favourite part are the triangles (or prairie points as their proper name is) around each side. I was happy with the finished product, and Tegan said she was too, so that was good! :)

Emily is next in line for a quilt (Lachlan and Angus both graciously declined). The pattern has been chosen, and now I'm just saving up to buy the material.

There's my holiday projects for you! It is so satisfying to finish off a  "big" project!

What did you do in the holidays?


  1. In the holidays, I visited you. If you asked me what I did today, I would tell you I coveted Tegan's quilt.

    Beautiful Caitlin. You are so gifted!

  2. It's beautiful! Lucky Tegan :)